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Used exposure and the coating and developing equipment

Introduction of pre-exposure equipment, the coating and developing equipments purchase sale

The exposure equipment is an important equipment of patterning in our company, it will be sold put up a wide range of inventory and start-up guarantee the coating and developing equipment.

  • 露光・塗布現像装置概念図Used equipment sales
    exposure equipment we will center on applying a developing device to sell the device until the G-line · I-ray · KrF in with performance guarantee is to offer in the center of the TEL-made Mark series ACT series manufactured by Nikon
  • Used equipment purchase
    regardless of the equipment manufacturers (Nikon CANON ASML UltraTech) have been made aggressively the purchase.
  • Remodeling relocation service
    offers services, such as relocation, modify (such as inch remodeling), device status diagnosis. Also available line of remodeling of the exposure equipments and the coating and developing equipment.

※ regard to maintenance services and parts sales will be enabled only to customers who received the equipment purchase and equipment diagnosis from our company

Used exposure and the coating and developing equipment

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