Antiquary permit number No.451310004123 Kanagawa prefecture Public Safety Commission

Equipment overseas export control system

Export Management Policy of nano-Solutech is “to comply with laws and regulations relating to export control, such as the Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law”.
Based on this basic policy, it will be carried out strict trading review of decision to equipment and technology the propriety of the export license is also in-house.

Export control system

Export control regime, chief executive and chief executive of the Export Administration representative director, will lead the well-known and compliance guidance of the latest laws and regulations to export workers, all employees.

The non-decision

Basically, non-decision documents, will be ready to request to each equipment manufacturer. 。
Such as when manufacturers like used equipment does not already exist CISTEC (Security Trade Information Center) was created by and skilled technicians to export the equipment, export management chief (our Representative Director) is final decision non we will prepare a decision document.

※ If the export authorization is required, to obtain a license of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, will not export until the permit can be obtained.

Trading and customer review

In advance to make the use confirmation and customers examination of the export destination.
For such countries and regions for transactions with laws and regulations on the concern, it does not do a deal at all.