Antiquary permit number No.451310004123 Kanagawa prefecture Public Safety Commission

Defect data management system

Defect data management system

This is a system that can manage the defect detection data efficiently. In the case of Tencor KLA 2552 Klarity is ideal for replacement of from

Data analysis functions Sampling, Clustering, Defect Source Analysis(DSA), Die Repeat Analysis(WRA) Wafer Repeat Analysis(WRA), Abnormal Map Analysis, Data & Imagetransfer
Map analysis function Wafer Map, Die/Shot Map , Defect Chart
Image View & Manual Track Out function Image View , User Report
Defect image analysis function Manual Classification, Detail Defect Image, Notice Report Image

Calculation & Common Module

Data Analysis & Common


Defect Sampling

Defect Sampling using defect property.
Wafer Sampling using wafer summary
Dynamic Sampling Recipe using the operator notification


Defect Clustering

ED(Euclid Distance) Clustering
DB Scan Clustering
DB Scan Image Clustering


Defect Source Analysis (DSA)

Data Filtering (Defect property, Step, etc)
Defect DSA(Normal) : 1-TO-1 matching, 1-TO-N matching
Cluster DSA
Auto DSA : Option

Die Repeat Analysis

Die Repeatable Defect


Wafer Repeat Analysis (WRA)

Wafer to Wafer repeatable defect detection per lot

Abnormal Map Analysis

Abnormal defect map judge using Wafer Cell Map


Data Transfer

Review Data Transfer
Data transfer in a variety communication methods(FTP, NFS, etc)
Data transfer in a variety data condition
(Lot Filter, Defect Filter, Image Filter, etc)
Support of variety data format

Image Transfer

Support of variety image types (JPG, BMP, Multi-tiff, etc..)

Client Module

mirero006 mirero007

Map Analysis
Wafer Map

Partial Map (Interest Defect Filtering)
Additional Calculation Defect Map : Composite, Adder Defect, True Defect, Bare Wafer Defect Map, etc..
Zoom In/Out, Fanning, Map Image Capture
Wafer Rotation (0/90/180/270)

Die/Shot Map

Die Accumulation Map
Shot Accumulation Map

Defect Chart

Defect Property Chart : Class, Roughbin, Finebin, etc..
Calculation Chart : Normalize, YIR, GCR, etc..
Defect chart provides a total of 30 kinds Defect Chart

mirero011 mirero010

Image View & Manual Track Out
Image View

Thumbnail Image View
Raw Image View
Image Type Filtering

User Report

User notice of defect occurred report
Auto notice od defect occurred report
Notice of defects occurred management report

mirero014 mirero013

Manual Classification
Manual Classification

Image List / Zoom-in Image
Wafer Map / Class Chart
Representation Image (Image Filter)
Avoid double works (Review Lot locking)

Detail Defect Image

Defect Detail Image
Image layout of the review tools characteristics

Notice Report Image

Representation Defect of step displayed image
Notice image automatic registration per step
Defect automatic filtering by frequency of