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Used reproducing equipment

Introduction of pre-reproducing apparatus purchase sale

When buying used equipment, nobody will provide the combined equipment and technology to become anxiety performance, support and compensation to your needs.

  • 中古装置概念図Performance guarantee
    we will advance to propose a base unit and remodeling specifications make sufficient meeting the use conditions and processes of our customers.
  • Operation and Maintenance services
    used reproducing equipment that we offer we have been proposed maintenance parts and maintenance technology only OEM manufacturers and not inferior equipment.
  • Warranty period 90 days
    after the inspection, we have set the warranty period of 90 days. After the usual equipment adjustment, after but one month before and after is not stable case will find the rare acceptance, is also possible to resident engineer until stable operation as long as it is within the warranty period. (Corresponding only to our specification equipment)
  • Transport loading installation
    is a precision equipment semiconductor manufacturing equipment, will take the very technology with respect to transportation.
    We in we will service to carry out up to the partnership to have peace of mind and quick installation and transportation company with a transport technology that is familiar with each of the devices.

Latest Used reproducing apparatus

Handling equipment

  • Semiconductor manufacturing inspection devices in general, a vacuum device (sputter, deposition, CVD, etching), sales and repair of the cleaning device
  • Scientific instruments, sales and repair of the microscope (optical and laser-SEM other), environmental testing equipment (constant temperature and humidity cycle etc.)
  • Analytical test devices in general, sales and repair of polishing related devices (lap, CMP, etc.)
  • Sale and repair of SEMIVISION (Semitic vision / semi-Vision)

Purchase service

1.After the purchase contract you will pay at the carry-out before cash.
2.Make the carry-out waste be a device that can not purchase. (Manifesto can be prepared.)
3.When the removal work, various types of qualified personnel and health and safety officer qualified personnel will do the work.

  • 装置写真・仕様書を
  • 机上査定および
  • 実機視察
  • 買取契約・
  • 装置搬出作業